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AboutĀ FACE Initiative

FACE Initiative was founded in 2010 and was incorporated with the Cooperate Affairs Commission in Abuja on July 4th, 2013 (CAC/IT/NO 62317). FACE Initiative was established to strengthen local civic agencies to bridge the obvious gap between the grassroots and their representatives at various level of governance that has resulted in top-down development that further disempower vulnerable groups, especially women and youths.FACE Initiative work to create opportunities for grassroots participation in decision making process to strengthen the fragile peace in the Niger Delta to enhance peace and sustainable development in the region.

Where we work

FACE Initiative has worked in over 200 communities in AkwaIbom, Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States,in the Niger Delta, including communities at the forefront of oil production with different dynamics.

Promote participatory approaches

FACE Initiative employ participatory approaches including, Sustainable Livelihood Appraisal, Gender Need Assessment, Participatory Learning and Action to help communities build consensus on their development agendas. We facilitate communities to put on the gender lens in all aspect of development planning and implementation to promote community ownership, cohesion amongst different stakeholder groups and promote peace and sustainable development.

Supporting institutionalisation and capacity building

Responsive institutions are lacking in the grassroots in the Niger Delta. We stimulate responsive civic agencies in the grassroots by strengthening and or facilitating communities to set up functional groups (advocacy groups, women cooperative groups, youth groups, environment clubs etc.) to mobilise stakeholders support for their development agenda. FACE Initiative achieve this by equipping community institutions with necessary knowledge and skills sets on good governance, conflict resolution, human rights and development planning.

Capacity building for marginalised group

We build capacity and mentor marginalised groups especially women and youth in life skills, gender, civic rights and responsibilities, leadership, advocacy, alternative livelihood etc., to enable them take their rightful places to reduce inequality and poverty.