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Face Initiative work with community groups, CSOs and government agencies to bring about practice in change that promote gender equality, social justice and a health living environment.

we work with women, men, girls and boys to reduce gender gap and discrimination in communities by changing cultural practices that engender gender based violence.

We work with communities, CSOs and government agencies to promote fairness, inclusiveness in diversity, equal opportunity for all thereby reducing tension amongst a people which most times result in violent conflicts.

we work with communities to collectively develop strategies to mitigate environmental degradation resulting from oil spills, poor waste management and promote conservation activities for sustainable agricultural development and environmental management.

We work to eliminate barrier that hinders people access to livelihood opportunities empowering them with relevant skills and (information, technical, financial) resources to bring them out of extreme poverty.

we promote peace in communities through consensus building and engender the UNSCR 1325 and 2250 in programming to ensure lasting peace in our communities.

Training on Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) in collaboration with NOSDRA and Bayelsa State Ministry of Environment